Creative Professionals

Creative Professionals

You may have arrived here if you

Feel isolated or lonely.

Are curious about the hidden reasons behind your drive to succeed.

Feel like your success could disappear at any moment.

Have been trying to strike creative gold for a long time now and you’re emotionally drained.

Have succeeded at such a high level others assume you have it together, but secretly confidence is something you struggle with.

Have had a difficult time finding a therapist or coach who understands the nuances of your career.

Are just looking for someone to walk with you through any number of life experiences that we all go though, because creatives are people too.

However you arrived, I’m so glad you’re here.

Read on to see if my services for creative professionals might help you.

I know first-hand how difficult it is to balance life and a creative career. Your standards are high, the pressure to deliver is present every day, either from within you, from your team, or both.

You might cope through overwork, overloading your schedule so you don’t have to face your fears or feel difficult emotions.

You might exhaust yourself trying to please each and every fan who reaches out, or say yes to every tour, every project, or every collaboration you “should” do.

Or you might just pretend that nothing is wrong for fear you’ll be misunderstood or embarrassed. 

As a creative professional you need someone to walk beside you who understands, supports, and believes in your dreams. You need someone to help you reconnect to your innate worth and the deep source of spiritual wellness that resides within you. You need a partner in awareness and healing. I am honored to help you do this work and welcome you. Together we will dive deep to look at the different parts of your life, getting curious about patterns of thinking and behavior that may not be in alignment with your core values and higher purpose. From this space we will work together to help you find your way back to yourself and achieve joy, balance, and peace.

Why I love working with creatives

‍‍As a professional recording artist with 15 years under my belt and another five years in film prior to that, I can relate to many of the concerns that arise in individuals who work in the creative professions. In fact, I started this practice because I can remember how isolated and defeated I felt after searching for wellness support on and off for years to no avail. I had to figure out a lot of my own healing alone, through roughly a decade of sometimes agonizing trial and error. It was during this time that I dove into all things self-reflective and spiritual. From around 2010 to 2018 I burnt ALL the palo santo (hence the name of this company), prayed constantly, grounded as much as I could, and carved a path toward healing and wellness that felt meaningful. It is my hope now that I can save you from the years of pain and frustration I experienced by giving you my blueprint for personal and spiritual ascension. I have helped numerous creatives since I began this practice in 2019, and find so much joy in helping visionaries like you lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. I look forward to meeting you and helping you do this life transforming work!‍

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