Picture your life one year from now. 

Are you an HR executive who is interested in increasing your diversity, equity, and inclusion competency? Perhaps a member of your team could benefit from strengthening their DEI skill set. Individual DEI coaching helps assess one’s orientation toward DEI, and arms the individual with the tools and strategies necessary to achieve this key element of professional excellence within an organization.

I can remember how it felt when my career was quiet. For eight long years it felt like no one cared. To add insult to injury, it also felt like I had no means to make the changes I needed to make to reach my goals. 

So many therapists didn’t take my insurance (MediCal) and paying out of pocket just wasn’t an option. I understand how many creatives and women of color feel when in the process of building their careers, because I was once there myself! It’s tough and no is a word that stings, but you grow accustomed to hearing.

Well, I’m here to say YES. 

Yes to figuring it out with specialized support.

Yes to learning what it takes to thrive.

Yes to doing things that light us up!

At Palo Wellness, we lead with our hearts.

We share our gifts.

We enjoy slow mornings and overflowing bank accounts.

We live on purpose and in alignment with Higher Power.

And we feel good in the process!

Joy is your birthright.

Wellbeing is your birthright.

And success in your creative career and in your LIFE is your birthright!

Make wellness a part of your weekly routine.

What is Palo on Demand?

  • Palo On Demand is here to guide the CURRENT you to the FUTURE you by providing accessibly-priced, rapid access to mental health and career guidance. 
  • Starting at just $59.
  • One or two text sessions per week.
  • Send a message anytime, anywhere. Expect a thoughtful response within 24 hours.
  • No long-term commitments, cancel any time with 30 days notice.
  • Whether it's fostering behavioral shifts or ensuring ongoing wellness, we offer a tailored experience to a global clientele. 
  • Leveraging a team-based, multidisciplinary methodology, our skilled coaches provide dynamic, evolving support, specially-tailored to creatives and women of color. 

We are so honored to walk this path with you. We know it isn’t easy but you don’t have to go it alone anymore. 

Palo On Demand is text-based mental health coaching for creatives and women of color. You may choose one session per week (4 sessions for $59/monthly) or two sessions per week (8 sessions for $99/monthly). The sessions consist of one question/concern addressed via one text/voice note. The messages contain analysis, reflections, as well as actionable strategies and psychoeducation. 

Palo On Demand, accessible support designed for you.