Women of Color

Women of Color

You may have arrived here if you

Have experienced feeling the pressure to be perfect.

Have felt tokenized or “othered” at work, negatively or positively.

Have sought help from friends and family, but don’t want to be a burden.

Have dedicated your 20's and/or 30's to your career and don’t want to put off starting a family until it’s too late.

Are looking to work with someone who understands what it means to move through this world as a woman of color.

Have felt uneasiness around speaking up at work.

However you arrived, I’m so glad you’re here.

Read on to see if my coaching services for women of color might help you.

You might deal with your difficulties by making yourself small or people pleasing. Maybe you’ve coped by pushing your needs down and focusing on others. Maybe you’ve been that solid, reliable friend, sister, or daughter, and have gotten by pretty well on your own, but now things just feel overwhelming. 

If this is you: you need a place where you are celebrated for being the beautiful and multifaceted woman you are. I welcome you!

Together we’ll look at patterns of thinking and behavior to help you understand yourself more deeply and experience more joy and safety in the here and now. 

From this place of insight, we will identify any areas of your life that don’t align with your higher purpose and which goals emerge as most important, then give you the tools to meet those goals and thrive. 

As a scholar, researcher, and woman of color, I know how difficult it can be to unapologetically stand in your truth.

Women of color, especially Black women, experience a higher baseline level of stress because our day-to-day existence is more challenging, plain and simple. There are frequent reminders in the culture affirming how resilient and strong we are or ought to be, but you shouldn’t have to go it alone. You need someone willing to walk alongside you, wherever the path may lead. I’m honored to accompany you on the journey.

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